Pigmentation – Sun Damage, Freckles, Brown Spots, Melasma

remove freckles
pigmentation treatment

Is your skin tone uneven? Do you have sun damage you would like to remove or improve? Do you suffer with hormonal melasma?

At Zapp Laser Studio we understand that pigmentation is tricky. In some cases, we can fully remove it and in others we are able to fade significantly. Once at its best we can then help you to manage the pigment so that you can minimise the risk of it returning. Pigmentation treatments can include pre-care products, resurfacers, laser and after-care products.

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If your stubborn tattoo takes more than 6 treatments, we will provide the additional treatments for free!
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Benefits Include

  • PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal
  • 4 X More Effective
  • Shatters the Most Stubborn Tattoos
  • Fewer Treatments
  • Quicker Clearance
  • Less Expense

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