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How Long Does Tattoo Removal Take?

By dan | Apr 08, 2024 | Uncategorised | 0 Comments

More and more people are getting tattoos. But that doesn’t mean that everyone who gets a tattoo wants to keep it forever. So, if you are thinking of getting rid of an old tattoo, you might be wondering – how long does tattoo removal take?

If you are looking for the most effective method for removing unwanted tattoos, you might be looking at tattoo removal creams. But while this might be tempting, most creams can cause serious skin issues. And in most cases, they do not remove tattoos at all.  

This is where laser tattoo removal comes in. It is a safe and proven way to remove a tattoo completely. In as little as 30 seconds this laser treatment breaks down tattoo ink particles so that your body can flush them out naturally. After a full course of laser treatments, you will see clear skin that is free from tattoo ink. 

To tell you how many laser removal sessions you will need, first, we need to explain to you how laser tattoo removal treatment works. 

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Why should I consider laser tattoo removal?

The advancements in laser technology mean that laser tattoo removal is powerful, safe and delivers results. Not only can it help with the complete removal of a tattoo, but it can also fade tattoos so you can cover an old one up.

At Zapp Laser Studio, we use the PicoSure laser. It is one of the leading laser removal treatments on the market.  

Why is it considered to be one of the best tattoo removal options? It is because it targets your tattoo ink particles much faster and harder than any other laser device. This means that each tattoo removal session is quick, sometimes as fast as a few seconds for smaller tattoos.

Did you let your tattoo artist go wild with the colour of your tattoo? No problem. The PicoSure laser treatment works well on treating all colours on the spectrum. This makes it the ideal tattoo removal treatment to get rid of most types of tattoos. 


What happens during the laser tattoo removal process?

During the laser removal process, the PicoSure device will fire light energy directly into the tattoo ink. By doing this, it helps to shatter and break down the ink particles into much smaller pieces. This is then disposed of naturally by the body through your immune system. 

The laser treatment works best on skin types 1-4. The laser struggles with skin types 5 and 6 because it can run the risk of removing the pigment in darker skin and the tattoo ink is too high. 

In your first few laser sessions, we increase the depth of the laser to target ink that sits deeper in your skin. As your treatment progresses, we will decrease the depth of the laser, but add more energy to tackle the ink particles that are on the surface of your skin. 


How many laser tattoo removal sessions do you need to completely remove a tattoo?

Not all tattoos are the same and some more intricate tattoo designs will require more laser sessions than others. 

When you meet with one of our laser experts, they will assess your tattoo and develop a tailored treatment plan. This will include how many laser sessions you will need to either fade or completely remove a tattoo.

As a guide, to fade a tattoo to cover it up, you will need anywhere from 2-6 treatment sessions. For complete tattoo removal, you will need 6-10 sessions. If you have a large or complex tattoo you will require more laser tattoo removal sessions to see the best results. 

Your skin will need time to complete the healing process after each treatment. You also need to give your body time to process the ink. If you leave a longer break between laser removal sessions, the more fading you will see. 

At first, we advise at least 10 weeks between tattoo removal sessions. In the later stages of tattoo removal, we extend this to allow more time for your body to remove the ink particles. 


What factors affect how long it takes to remove unwanted tattoos? 


The age of the tattoo – older tattoos tend to fade more easily than new tattoos which need more sessions to break the ink particles down.


Density of the ink – the deeper and denser the ink, the more treatments you will need. Thick lifework, for example, will take a lot longer than superficial shading. 


Scarring from having a tattoo – if you have a lot of scarring from the application of your old tattoo, you will need more laser treatments to fade the tattoo. 


The location of a tattoo – the further from the heart, or if you have a tattoo on your hands and feet, the more treatments you will need.


Poor circulation and compromised immune system – can also have a huge impact on the progress of removing a tattoo.


The colour of your tattoo – the good news is that the PicoSure laser works well on all colours. Yellow and white are the most difficult colours. This is because yellow contains harder metals which do not absorb the light from the laser and break down the ink. White inks have a higher metal content which can oxidise and, in some instances, become impossible to remove. 


Is laser treatment for tattoo removal safe?

Yes, the PicoSure laser tattoo removal treatment is safe. It is not pain-free, however. In fact, most find it to be uncomfortable. For some, it hurts more than getting the tattoo in the first place. 

The whole tattoo removal process is much faster than getting a tattoo, however. This means that any discomfort is short-lived. Small tattoos can take a few seconds to treat per session, whereas larger tattoos can take up to ten minutes.

To help make your treatment more comfortable, we use a cryo cooling machine which blows cold air onto the skin. 

You may also see a few side effects from laser tattoo removal, which are minor and completely normal. They include swelling and redness (similar to a mild sunburn), and itchiness or mild blistering. These side effects will go away in the first week or two. 

Your laser expert will provide you with detailed aftercare advice to ensure that you take good care of your skin and help it to heal. 


Ready to get started with laser tattoo removal?

If you want to take the first steps to saying goodbye to your unwanted tattoos, start by talking to our team at Zapp Laser Studio. We are one of the leading providers of laser treatments, so you will be in safe hands throughout your treatment with us. 

We provide all clients with an initial consultation so we can get to know you and you can get to know more about us. it will give you the chance to see how laser tattoo removal works and see what results we have helped our other clients achieve. 


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