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Medik8 Chemical Peels

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How it works

Vitamin C

Start the day by applying Vitamin C to create an urban shield which lasts all day against everyday environmental factors which will cause your skin to age. As well as this your skin will glow from the incredible radiance caused by this potent ingredient.

  • Protect against Antioxidants
  • Stimulates the production of collagen
  • Stops the development of pigment
  • Makes skin brighter and smoother


The most important protection for your skin must be applied daily, no matter the weather, to protect your skin from the sun’s damaging UVB (burning) and UVA (ageing) rays. Apply just before your makeup. Minimum of SPF30!

  • Beautifully light but powerful sunscreens
  • Protects and nourishes the skin
  • Not sticky or greasy
  • Fundamental for a youthful complexion

Vitamin A

Apply Vitamin A at night to repair your skin.. It is the most important ingredient of anti-ageing and is highly regarded by dermatologists and skin therapists alike, it is second to none when it comes to improving signs of photoageing.

  • Most important ingredient in anti-ageing
  • Speeds up cellular renewal
  • Reduces sebum production
  • Rejuvenates skin while you sleep

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“Start at age 30 and we believe you can look 40 when you’re 50.”

Before & Afters

What is a chemical peel?

Medik8 chemical peels are professional-grade exfoliating acids applied to the skin to help retexture and resurface tailored to individual skin concerns. Can I just have 1 peel to improve my skin? Yes, you can have a single peel, but we recommend a course to really see the long-term skin benefits. We make starting your peel journey really easy with our Medik8 12 Weeks to WOW programme – basically ‘personal training for your skin’. Our network of trained therapists will work with you over a 12 week* period to visibly transform your skin through a bespoke programme of in-clinic treatments and at-home care to achieve skin that really wows.

Are peels right for everyone?

Chemical peels are suitable for almost everyone and at Medik8 we have a varied range from our Sensitive PHA Peel which is suitable for very sensitive skins right through to our mono peels which use high-strength single acids that can even be layered to target stubborn concerns.

What's the downtime?

The application of acids to the skin may cause redness, skin flaking and mild peeling; but every skin is different. We recommend not to wear makeup for the first 12 hours post-peel to ensure the skin remains bacteria-free. You will be recommended a comprehensive aftercare routine to continue with at home to ensure your skin recovers and rejuvenates correctly.

What results can I expect?

One day post-peel your skin will feel a little tight and appear a little flushed. Within 3 days your skin will start to flake but within the week you will start to see clearer, more uniform skin tone. Over a course of peels, results will be even more visibly profound. We recommend taking pictures of your progress either on your own phone or many of our clinics have facial imaging equipment that can extensively track your skin’s improvement across such parameters as wrinkle depth, clarity, water content etc; dependant on the skin concern you are treating.


Can peels be used alongside other treatments like botox, micro-needling or laser?

Absolutely. We often mix Peels with PicoSure Laser Skin Rejuvenation and Micro needling to offer the best possible result for your skin and any concerns we are addressing.

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