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Microblading Eyebrow Removal

Microblading or Semi Permanent Tattoo Laser Removal


We use the market-leading Picosure laser for the following concerns after having microblading or semi permanent eyebrow tattoo treatment.

  • Are your eyebrows uneven or have asymmetric arches?
  • Are the needle strokes too long, too short or too thick?
  • Have the arches been positioned in an unnatural way?
  • Are there blocks of colour rather than hair-like strokes?
  • Has the wrong choice of pigment been applied?

The Problem

The  wrong pigment choice, bad application or incorrect equipment can cause less than aesthetically pleasing semi-permanent eyebrows.

Or the eyebrow design simply might not suit you, or the artist just doesn’t have the skill or experience to create the best outcome for you.

The Treatment

PicoSure Laser for Semi-Permanent and Microblading Eyebrow Removal

The Removal Process

Semi-permanent and microblading inks need to be treated with caution.

Different pigments are often mixed together to create a certain tone or shade, to match your colouring.

This means that sometimes we will remove one colour and reveal another.

Fortunately, we can treat all colour inks. Rarely, some inks may contain higher metal content and could possibly oxidise and darken.

We will always carry out a test patch before any full treatment to check. Most eyebrows require approximately three treatments to fully remove but others disappear after just one!

We treat every ten weeks to allow your body enough time to remove the ink and achieve the best possible results.

Results from Microblading Removal

Fully removed or faded eyebrows.

Post treatment, any hair will turn white bit can be dyed 72 hours later.

Redness and some swelling may last 48 hours.

Do you have microblading removal near me?

We cover both the south west and south east of England with three laser studios

Key Facts

Removal treatment time

1 minute

How long until full results are seen

Sometimes instantly but it depends on the application.

Duration of results


Downtime after microblading laser removal

72 hours.


Not required

Cost of eyebrow microblading removal

 £160 for both full brows per treatment/

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Microblading Removal FAQs

Does it hurt?

Yes, a little. Most clients would rate it 5/10 and say it feels like a hot elastic band.

How many treatments will I need?


How long does the treatment take?

1 minute.

How long will it take to heal?

72 hours.

Are the results permanent?


Can you treat all skin types?

Almost. We can treat skin types 1-5.

Do I need a test patch?

Yes. We then have to wait a minimum of 48 hours before we can carry out the full treatment.

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