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Should I Shave Before I Have Laser Hair Removal?

By dan | Aug 07, 2023 | Uncategorised | 0 Comments

Are you tired of shaving or waxing to remove unwanted hair from your face and body? Well, it’s time to ditch the razor and wax strips, in favour of laser hair removal treatment. Not only is it a fast and effective laser treatment, but it also offers permanent hair reduction. 


But before you start, you probably have a few questions such as how does it work? And do I need to shave before every laser hair removal session? We are here to help answer your questions and give you a rundown on how to prepare for laser hair removal.


How laser hair removal works


Laser hair removal is one of the most effective treatments for helping you get rid of unwanted body hair and facial hair. We can help you see permanent hair reduction on most areas of your body including your legs, arms, back, chest and bikini line. 


During your laser hair removal, we use a laser device to send beams of concentrated light into the hair follicles. The light is absorbed by the pigment in your hair follicles. The laser energy turns into heat which damages each hair follicle and prevents or delays any further hair growth in the treatment area. 


To see permanent hair reduction, you will need more than one laser hair removal session. When you meet with our laser practitioner at your laser hair removal appointment, they will discuss how many treatments you will need to achieve the best results.


While laser treatment will destroy each old hair follicle in the treatment area, you may still see some new hair growth. However, due to laser hair removal, any new hair growth will be much finer and less dense than before. 


At Zapp Laser Studio, we use the Elite IQ Laser, which is one of the best laser devices on the market. We use this in combination with our Skintel melanin reader, which enables us to look at the melanin density in your skin.  As a result, we can ensure the laser is set to suit your skin tone and type.


How to prepare for laser hair removal treatments


Before having laser hair removal to get rid of your unwanted hair, it’s good to know how you can prepare and get the most out of your treatment. 


The dos and don’ts before your laser hair removal session


1.     Avoid waxing or plucking 


Do not wax or pluck your hair for at least four weeks prior to your treatment. Instead, shave the treatment area using a manual razor blade the night before. Do not use electric razors as this can leave the hair too long.


2.     Do not spend too much time in the sun


Avoid direct sun exposure before your laser session for at least two weeks before your procedure. If you are out in the sun, always wear high-factor sun protection. You should also avoid the use of fake tan or any other tanning products. 


3.     Do check your beauty regime


Do not apply makeup, serums or moisturisers to the treatment area beforehand. Using these products can block the laser’s ability to target the hair follicles. You should also avoid the use of retinol creams for two to four weeks before your treatment. 


4.     Do cleanse and exfoliate before your treatment


It is important to make sure your skin is clean before your first session and subsequent sessions of laser hair removal. 


You should also exfoliate your skin before treatment. This will help the laser energy go deeper, making it more effective in removing your unwanted hair. However, you should not use exfoliating agents such as glycolic acid for at least a week before treatment. 


5.     Do not consume alcohol or smoke before laser hair removal


You should avoid having any alcohol or smoking for at least 24 hours before your laser hair treatment. They can make your skin more sensitive than normal and it can cause an adverse reaction to the laser.  


What happens if I don’t shave before laser hair removal treatment?


Shaving the night before laser hair removal is important to help protect your skin in the treated area. If you do not shave, the hair will absorb the laser energy, which will burn the hair and can cause thermal injury to the surface of your skin. This can leave your skin with marks and scarring. 


Shaving the night before is better for your skin, as dry shaving the day of can make your skin more sensitive and can cause irritation. It may even leave you with cuts that can make your skin prone to having an adverse reaction to the laser. 


By shaving the night before, you will help ensure that your treatment is more effective and that you see the results you want. 


Start with a laser hair removal appointment


Your first step to smoother skin that is more hair free is by making a laser hair removal appointment at our studio.  


You will meet with one of our laser technicians, who will walk you through the treatment, explain more about our laser device and show you some of our other clients’ results. 


The initial consultation is also the chance for us to assess your skin and hair density. For this reason, you should not shave before your consultation. We will do a patch test for your skin and also a pluck test to determine the colour of the root of your hair to ensure you are suitable for treatment. 


From this, we can develop a treatment plan that will work for you and deliver great hair removal results. 


During your appointment, you can also ask any questions you might have, so you feel confident in the decision you make. 


You will have your consultation and treatment with the same person so that you feel comfortable, and so that we can follow your journey throughout and watch your progress. 


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