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Tattoo Removal Cost London


Is tattoo removal cost in London one of the biggest factors in your decision to get rid of your unwanted tattoos? Talk to the experts at Zapp Laser Studio about our flexible payment plans for laser tattoo removal. 

Whilst other tattoo removal methods such as creams are cheaper, they do not tend to remove tattoos fully and can cause serious skin issues. Laser tattoo removal, on the other hand, is the most safe and effective way to fade or remove tattoo ink for good. 

At Zapp Laser Studio in London, we use PicoSure laser treatment. This market-leading laser treatment provides the most precise way to target and remove tattoo ink particles. It works much harder and faster to break down the ink so your body can absorb it and dispose of it easily.

If you want to find out more about how laser tattoo removal works and how much it will cost to completely remove your old tattoo, contact our London studio today. You can also book an initial consultation via the link below.



How does laser tattoo removal work with the PicoSure laser?

The laser tattoo removal treatment process is fairly simple and straightforward. It is a fairly quick treatment, with small tattoos taking a few seconds per treatment and larger tattoos taking up to ten minutes to treat per session. 

During the treatment, your practitioner will use the PicoSure laser device to fire laser light energy into the tattoo ink. This causes the ink particles to shatter and break down into smaller pieces. As a result, your body is able to dispose of them naturally through your immune system. 

You will need a course of laser treatments to fade or remove your tattoo fully. In the first few sessions, we target the ink deeper in your skin. In your later treatments, we will decrease the depth of the laser, but increase the energy to target ink on the surface of your skin. 


How many laser tattoo removal treatments will I need?

Every tattoo is different and so there is no one answer to having many laser tattoo removal sessions you will need. At your consultation, we will assess your skin and your tattoo. This will enable us to develop a tailored treatment plan that will help you to fade or completely remove your unwanted tattoo.

If your goal is to fade and cover up an old tattoo, you will need around 2-6 laser treatment sessions. This will, of course, depend on what tattoo you are looking to get to cover the old one up. 

If your aim is to have laser tattoo removal to fully remove your tattoo, you will need 6-10 laser sessions. Factors such as the age of the tattoo, size of the tattoo and density of the ink can affect how long removal will take. For example, larger tattoos might require more than ten treatments. 


Who is laser tattoo removal suitable for?

As with any laser treatment, before you have laser tattoo removal you will need to have a patch test first. This helps to ensure that your skin is suitable for treatment and will respond well to the laser. 

The PicoSure laser works well on most skin types. However, it works best on skin types 1-4. The laser does struggle with skin types 5 and 6. This is because the laser light can run the risk of removing pigment in darker skin tones. 

If you are unsure about whether laser tattoo removal will be right for you, contact our London studio to speak to the team. 


Laser tattoo removal aftercare

We want you to see amazing results from your laser tattoo removal in London, this is why you will always receive detailed aftercare advice from us. 


Your aftercare instructions will include:

  •       Avoiding hot showers and baths for 72 hours after your treatment 
  •       Do not give your treated skin too much sun exposure and always wear sun protection
  •       Apply a cold compress or ice pack to your tattoo if it becomes itchy


For more aftercare advice, check out our How does laser tattoo removal work? blog.


How much does laser tattoo removal in London cost?

At Zapp Laser Studio London, we provide you with a bespoke laser tattoo removal treatment plan that is right for your skin and the results you are looking for. Because of this, laser tattoo removal costs can vary. 

If you are trying to budget and want to know how much each treatment session costs, our prices start at £90 per treatment. When you meet with one of our tattoo removal experts, they will run through the total cost of your treatment with you. Fading will require fewer treatments, whereas complete removal will require more.

To help you spread the cost and make laser tattoo removal more affordable for you, we do offer a pay-as-you-go plan or a discounted payment plan. This enables you to spread the cost of your treatment over 4 months up to 16 months. Your practitioner will run through the options with you at your consultation. 

If you want to pay in one go, you can pay for 3,6 or 9 treatments at once. This will help you get the biggest discount. 

Tattoo Removal Cost London

Choose a trusted laser tattoo removal clinic in London

When looking at tattoo removal clinics, you want to choose a place that you can trust and feel confident in having your treatment with. 

At Zapp Laser Studio in London, you will be in the hands of fully trained laser technicians. We use the most advanced laser technology to fade and fully remove new and old tattoos. Our team has years of experience in treating even the most stubborn and challenging tattoos. 

If you are ready to get started with laser tattoo removal, get in touch with our team today. 



How to find our London laser clinic 

Our laser studio is based in Battersea, which sits in the south west of London. If you are travelling by train, we are only a 13-minute walk from Wandsworth Town Station, which is on the South Western railway line. 

We are also just over ten minutes from Clapham Junction Station, where you can catch the train or tube from Victoria Station. 

If you are travelling by car, we have plenty of spaces for our customers in the Battersea Reach Car Park.

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