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Thread Vein Removal Bristol

Effective Thread Vein Removal for Face and Legs

Are these your concerns?

  • Do you have troublesome visible thread veins on your face or legs?
  • Have you been covering up facial thread veins with make up?
  • Would you like to be able to wear shorts or skirts without being conscious about the visible thread veins on your legs?
  • Would you like an effective treatment to remove facial thread veins and leg thread veins for good?

What Are Thread Veins?

Thread veins, sometimes called spider veins, are small blood vessels close to the skin that become enlarged to the point where they’re visible through the skin.  While unsightly thread veins are most often not harmful or an indication of anything harmful, thread veins can, occasionally, be a symptom of an underlying issue.  Generally though, the only problem thread veins cause is an aesthetic one.  Unfortunately, both facial thread veines and leg thread veins will not get better over time and are most likely to spread and get worse.

What Causes Thread Veins?

Age is the most common cause of facial and leg thread veins but they can also be caused excessive exposure to the sun  , genetics, hormonal changes, impact to the area, rosacea, excessive alcohol consumption, severe sneezing or being overweight.

Thread Vein Treatment Bristol

How We Remove Spider Veins Using Our Elite IQ Laser

The Elite IQ Laser can target thread veins with a special type of light which heats up the vein and causes it to collapse on itself.  This process is far more gentle than it sounds and because it just targets those enlarged spider veins, it doesn’t damage the skin and has very little after effects.

What to Expect from Our Thread Vein Removal Treatment

After an initial consultation and check of your medical history with a laser technician, who will be the person who treats you, they will advise you that the area to be treated mustn’t be tanned or have any tanning products on it.  They will talk you through exactly what is required and what to expect from your thread vein removal treatment. We will test patch a very small area and then we can start thread vein removal treatment 48 hours later.

The Skintel melanin reader will be used to assess your skin type and adjust the laser accordingly.  The technician will then use the Elite IQ Laser and cooling device on the area with the thread veins you want to remove.  The laser directs its light energy into the veins to cause them to collapse and close.  Laser treatment may feel a little uncomfortable but not too painful.  Some people compare thread vein laser treatment feeling to having a hot rubber band flicked against the skin. The spider veins treatment is very quick as a rule but the amount of time it takes will depend on how large the area is.

After vein removal treatment, the treated area may be a little tender and raised.  The thread veins will disappear over the following weeks but it may take up to 8 to 10 weeks to see the final results.  Because of the sophisticated technology we use and the precise way our Bristol laser technicians perform the treatment, subsequent treatments aren’t often needed but can be for larger areas.

Key Facts

Thread Vein Treatment Time

From 5 to 30 minutes

How long until full results are seen


Duration of results



3 – 5 days


None required

Price of vein removal treatment Bristol

From £199

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Before & After Thread Vein Treatment Photos

After 5 laser treatments
After 5 treatments



Are the results permanent?

Yes they are.

How many thread vein treatments will I need?

Most clients will only need one treatment to permanently remove the thread veins but some larger areas may need one more.

Can we treat all skin types?

Unfortunately not. Only skin types 1 to 4.

What colour veins can we treat?

Purple and red. We are unable to treat blue veins.

Does Thread Vein Treatment hurt?

Only a very small amount. It depends on the size and location of the vein. Clients generally describe it like a hot elastic band or light cat scratch.

Is there any downtime?

The area will be a little swollen and raised for a few days. Small blisters can also occur but are uncommon.

Can I have treatment with tanned skin?

Unfortunately not. We need the area to be at your natural skin colour.

Do I need a Test Patch?

Yes you do. We can then start treating a minimum of 48 hours later.

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